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Side scraper

Wood and plant working

300 000 to 45 000 years


Sharp tools whose unretouched part can be easily held in the hand; their sharp, elongated and slightly curved edge resembles those found on our carpenters’ axes.
E. Lartet et H. Christy, L’homme fossile dans le Périgord, In Lyell : Appendice à l’ancienneté de l’homme. Paris, 1864


Commentary : 

A side scraper is a flint flake with one or more edges sharpened by retouch. Used while firmly held in the hand, this tool can be rapidly made in any location.

It is used to cut meat, hides, wood and plant materials.

The Mousterian side scraper is adapted to a wide variety of needs. It is continually produced by Neanderthal hunter-gatherers, for over 250 000 years.


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