The approach

Neither fiction nor documentary : Les Gestes de la Préhistoire

The unique nature of the audiovisual encyclopedia “Les Gestes de la Préhistoire” originates in the meeting of two prehistorians, Jean-Michel Geneste and Serge Maury and a director, Pascal Magontier. Attentive and respectful of everyone’s concerns, they developed an original approach to represent and transmit realities that have been gone for millennia. The result is a work, rare for its length - 99 films between 3 and 9 minutes each - which is also pioneering in its form because it does not use any of the archetypes specific to fiction films and television documentaries; or rather it accumulates them by inverting them.

As for the films “Les Gestes de la Préhistoire”, we could talk about perfectly rigorous fiction from a scientific point of view or scientific documentaries fully open to the imagination.

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Les Gestes de la Préhistoire

The Pôle d'interprétation de la Préhistoire is pleased to present the audiovisual encyclopedia, «Les Gestes de la Préhistoire» which was completed in late 2021.

This collection is unique by its form, its ambition, its extent, and proves to be an essential reference in discovering and better understanding the ingenuity, the skill and the workmanship which characterize the prehistoric societies of hunter-gatherers who succeeded each other during the Paleolithic era until the end of the last glaciation nearly 10,000 years ago in Europe.

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